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H2020 REWISE Project: Publication in Access Government

In the framework of its activities in the H2020 Project REWAISE, CETIM has published and article under the title “Developing a new smart water ecosystem to deliver circularity”. Committed to the OPEN SCIENCE paradigm, and contributing to ensure that the innovation developed in CETIM reaches the highest possible impact, this contribution was published in Open Access Government. Open Access Government is a digital publication that provides deep knowledge and information on key public policy areas, with a special focus on research and innovation, technology, environment and energy. The publication has a total audience of around 900,000 and counts with collaboration from high representatives of the European Commission and other international organisations in each of its quarterly issue.

The original article published by CETIM, can be found it the following link:

REWAISE project
Rewaise H2020 project, presented in the article, is led by Aqualia, and formed by a consortium of 25 partners. The main objective of REWAISE is to create a new “intelligent water ecosystem”, developing an intelligent digital infrastructure to provide water services and for decentralised decision-making, involving all stakeholders to make society perceive the true value of water and raise awareness for the reduction of energy and fresh water consumption, obtaining a sustainable water cycle with a very low carbon footprint, in line with resilient circular economy concept.