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CETIM , faithful to our commitment to promote Research, Development and Technological Innovation, we encourage the creation of synergies in the R&D network through participation in knowledge networks and specific platforms relevant to our fields of activity.

Since our beginnings, we have collaborated in different sectorial associations, technological platforms, forums, knowledge networks, working groups, etc., which allow us to improve competitiveness and the opening of new markets. At national level we are members of ATIGA, BIOGA, PTEC, PTFE, MATERPLAT, PTE-HPC, CMD, DATAlife and VIRATEC, while at European level we are part of ERMA, the European Raw Materials Alliance, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and the European Battery Alliance (EBA). We also collaborate with the UDC, the Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia and the Confederación Gallega de Personas con Discapacidad.

Among all these platforms, we have recently joined the European Battery Alliance (EBA), which was created with the aim of promoting electromobility and in which the developments carried out by our new R&D line of Materials for Energy Storage fit in. In this line, belonging to the area of advanced materials, we have some projects underway such as ECO SMART BATT, a project that aims to develop sustainable 4.0 manufacturing of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density Li-ion batteries, at a lower cost, which will drive the transformation of the transport sector towards sustainability, decarbonisation and drastic reduction of emissions.

We are also a member of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), which aims to reduce Europe’s dependence on raw materials, especially in the case of Critical Raw Materials or those of geopolitical interest. CETIM is a member of this alliance and actively participates in the two clusters formed so far. A clear example of the projects that can be driven by associations such as this is the European project BIORECOVER, which we lead from CETIM and in which we investigate the selective bioremediation of critical raw materials from relevant primary and secondary sources not exploited (bauxite waste, magnesium waste, platinum waste, slags, dusts and PGM press cake).

The Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC) seeks to improve the Spanish construction sector, one of its pillars to achieve this being the promotion of R&D&I, and for this reason we are members and lead one of its working groups, Sustainable Construction Materials. This working group is coordinated by CETIM’s Advanced Materials area. An example of what we can offer in this area is the KEOPS project, which is committed to the replacement of Portland cement and natural aggregates with alternative materials, through the treatment and transformation of construction and demolition waste (CDW), thus generating a product with less environmental impact, through the recovery of waste from the sector itself.

Thus, our participation in these platforms is the result of one of our priority objectives: to promote collaboration between entities, as a fundamental factor for success in the field of national and international cooperation.

In addition, we regularly monitor publications and activities of other national and European technology platforms related to our areas of specialisation.