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CETIM will digitalise the construction sector through two cutting-edge research projects

SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER will improve the control of site management and the supply chain of materials through a common use tool that incorporates different 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Vision, Digital Twins or Internet of Things devices.

0ACCIDNTES, Best National Innovation Project 2023 according to the Spanish Construction Technology Platform, will increase site surveillance and help prevent and ensure faster action in the event of accidents.

Test for the SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER project in the Digital Industry laboratory of CETIM.

The emergence and development of new technologies such as Digital Twins or Artificial Vision are marking a before and after in all sectors. At CETIM know that digitalisation is synonymous with progress and a fundamental element for business growth. That is why we are collaborating in the SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER and 0ACCIDENTS projects.

Both initiatives were born within the framework of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC), in alliance of CETIM with ITAINNOVA and benchmark companies, following the need detected in the construction sector to increase its efficiency, control, safety, profitability and digitalisation. Let’s take a look at each of them.


The construction sector could be more efficient and more profitable if there was a global platform that streamlined communication between the different actors in the value chain, such as builders, construction sites and suppliers. This agile and reliable communication platform is what the SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER project is seeking to create. To this end, it is developing 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Vision, Digital Twins or Internet of Things devices, which enable automated monitoring of the progress of work on site. At the same time, the research will promote the digitisation of the information corresponding to the management of this.

From CETIM, we are collaborating in the initiative through the analysis of different technologies for the improvement of the traceability of the laminated plasterboards, as well as the digitalisation in the so-called Digital Product Passport. The use of the latter is being promoted by the European Commission with the aim of extending information to the end consumer. We are also designing several prototypes to control material consumption on site in order to automate purchasing management and use the information to evaluate consumption patterns and optimise material flows.

The project is led by Becsa, with the participation of major national and international benchmarks in the construction sector: FCC Construcción, TPF Ingeniería, Placo Saint-Gobain, and Cype, as well as the safety and certification specialist Signe. In addition, CETIM is scientifically coordinating the initiative together with ITAINNOVA, and the University of Alicante is also collaborating.

SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER is currently under implementation, but it will mark an important milestone for the improvement in the control of site management and the supply chain of materials, as well as for the sharing of information between all the agents involved in a homogeneous and secure way.


Along the same lines as the previous project, 0ACCIDNTES will develop 4.0 technologies to also improve the construction sector. However, in this case, the main objective is to increase the surveillance of the construction site and ensure faster action in the  accidents, as well as to incorporate different types of prediction to prevent them.

CETIM is collaborating in the research to incorporate sensors in Personal Protective Equipment and for the application of Artificial Vision, with which risks in building works will be detected. Similarly, we are developing a Digital Twin that will allow us to predict possible risks and their most common causes. To this end, an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence will be created, capable of anticipating accidents and thus substantially reducing the high accident rate in the sector.

0ACCIDNTES has a consortium led by FCC Construcción and formed by the business partners Becsa, Fractalia, Metálicas Plásticas Jar, Alisys, IDP, LIS Data Solutions and Signe.  The initiative is scientifically coordinated by CETIM and ITAINNOVA, with the collaboration of the AIMPLAS Technology Centre.

The research has already generated great interest in the sector, as evidenced by the recognition received by PTEC in the category of ‘Best National Innovation Project 2023’.


SMART CONSTRUCTION MANAGER and 0ACCIDNTES are funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) through the CIEN Strategic Programme, and by the European Union through the Next Generation Funds.