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We begin the validation of LIFE ULISES nutrient recovery plants

LIFE ULISES is a European project for the demonstration of circular economy technologies in water.

CETIM has developed two plants, one for Enzymatic hydrolysis and the other for Struvite Precipitation, which will be tested in WWTP over the next few months.

The objective is to obtain regenerated water, struvite and a concentrated liquid stream rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, for use as fertilizers.


Within the framework of the LIFE ULISES project (LIFE18 ENV / ES / 000165), CETIM began the validation of two Nutrient Recovery Plants at the El Bobar WWTP, located in Almería and managed by AQUALIA, coordinator of this project.


Both pilot plants, one for Enzymatic Hydrolysis and the other for Struvite Precipitation, after their design and construction, will be tested during the next months in this WWTP with the aim of obtaining regenerated water, struvite and a concentrated liquid stream rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. for use as fertilizers.


For its part, the Enzymatic Hydrolysis Pilot Plant has a useful capacity of 300L, allowing to hydrolyze the sludge. In the case of the Struvite Precipitation Pilot Plant, the first stage is based on a concentration by Direct Osmosis and Distillation by Membranes, water treatment technologies in which CETIM has extensive expertise. This plant will treat a stream of 100 L / h of the reject water from sludge dehydration.


Planta piloto de precipitación de estruvita y planta piloto de hidrólisis enzimática del proyecto LIFE ULISES.

Struvite precipitation pilot plant and enzyme hydrolysis pilot plant of the LIFE ULISES project.


Furthermore, CETIM has designed and built a pilot cultivation area to test the different fertilizers produced, as well as the reclaimed water in this tertiary treatment.


With these actions, CETIM consolidates its lines of R&D of Water Treatment, Bio-Based Technologies and Biorefineries, from the ECO BIO Technologies area of ​​the Centre, in which the entity has experience and knowhow, qualified research staff and specialized material resources both laboratory and pilot level.


In addition, we take the opportunity to share with all of you, project’s video, in which you can discover LIFE ULISES Technologies; available on the project website: