Technological Centre

First ECO-SMART BATT event

On Thursday 3 June, ECO-SMART BATT consortium organised a webinar to raise awareness of the project. The members of the consortium explained the keys and objectives of ECO-SMART BATT, which investigates the sustainable 4.0 manufacturing of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density and lower cost batteries that drive the electrification of the mobility sector.

The project, led by Ferroglobe Innovation, has a consortium formed by ABCR Labs, Ártabro Tech, ENSO Innovation and the CETIM Technology Centre, and is funded by the Galician Innovation Agency as part of the Smart and Sustainable Factory of the Future programme.

Strategic importance for the mobility of the future
Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) allow high energy densities to be achieved with long lifetimes; the chemical nature of the materials that make up the cathode, anode and electrolyte of the cell being a key aspect in determining the energy performance, costs and CO2 emissions of the battery.

In this context, ECO-SMART BATT seeks to significantly improve the energy density, cost and sustainability of lithium-ion batteries through novel research into sustainable and intelligent manufacturing of materials and their synergistic combinations, as well as research into monitoring, control and simulation technologies that enable the design of more efficient and profitable production processes, facilitating the evolution and transformation of the transport sector towards sustainability, decarbonisation and a drastic reduction in emissions.

This R&D&I research is in line with the European Green Deal that aims to transition the transport sector towards sustainable and climate-neutral technologies.