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We participated in the final event of SMARTSTORE: optimisation of port logistics

Today the final event to disseminate the results of the research project took place. The objective has been to optimise and automate the reception, classification and storage of products in the port sector thanks to Industry 4.0.

The final event to disseminate the results of the SMARTSTORE project, which has managed to develop innovative technologies that improve the management of port logistics, took place today at the headquarters of the Grupo Nogar in Marín. The initiative has had a consortium led by GALIGRAIN, S.A.U. (Grupo Nogar) and formed by the partners CETIM Technological Centre, PROTEA Productos del Mar, S.A., Internacional de Comercio y Servicios, S.L. and P&J Carrasco, S.L.

The main objective of SMARTSTORE has been the development of new Industry 4.0 technologies to optimise the entire port logistics chain. This sector has a low degree of digitalisation and automation. For this reason, the project sought the support of new technologies such as Digital Twins, robotics and Artificial Intelligence in order to automate these processes and make them more economically efficient, safer and with higher quality.

This project is subsidised by the Agencia Gallega de Innovación within the framework of the 2020 call of the Fábrica del futuro, fábrica inteligente y sostenible de la industria 4.0 aid programme. The grants awarded under this programme have been co-financed by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) under Axis 1 (Promoting research, technological development and innovation) of the FEDER Galicia 2014-2020 operational programme. The project is supported by the Second Vice-Presidency and Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation.

Final results dissemination event

The event was attended by María Jesús Lorenzana Somoza, Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation of the Xunta de Galicia, who declared: “É un orgullo ver que en Galicia temos exemplos clarísimos de empresas que teñen moitísimos anos de vida e que durante este tempo souberon reinventarse e ter visión estratéxica para continuar engadindo innovación, investigación aos seus procesos produtivos e, neste caso, á loxística”.

María Jesús Lorenzana Somoza, Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation of Xunta de Galicia.

During the day, all SMARTSTORE partners explained in our presentations the results obtained in the project. The main key of the project is that it will be possible to incorporate different types of Digital Twins, which will improve the process of reception and storage of materials in ports, as well as the classification of frozen product, preserving the safety of the operators and increasing the efficiency of the processes. From Grupo Nogar, its president Víctor Nogueira, highlighted: “La inteligencia artificial nos permite identificar camiones, cargas de graneles, de aluminio o de productos congelados, introduciendo mejores controles de calidad y eficiencia en toda nuestra cadena logística”.

From CETIM Technological Centre, our head of Digital Industry, Elena Hidalgo, explained how robotics, artificial vision and Digital Twins applications have been developed for the automated classification of frozen products. Specifically, artificial vision has enabled the identification of the different products received for their classification and separation by batches according to the product labels. Similarly, the use of two other digital twins has enabled the automated logistics process to be optimised, improving the organisation of cereal raw materials and reducing storage space. This developed technology is connected to the real processes to guarantee machine learning, thanks to the repetition of operations, thus achieving continuous and automatic improvement.

Elena Hidalgo, head of Digital Industry at CETIM Technological Centre