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CETIM publishes the sixth number of its online corporate magazine

This newsletter echoes the visit of the Minister of Economy and Business, Francisco Conde, to CETIM to learn about the circular economy activity of the center.


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Culleredo, October 21, 2020. CETIM’s online corporate magazine turns six issues reporting on the latest developments in the projects in circular economy and bioeconomy of the Technology Centre that this week has received the visit of the Regional Minister of Economy and Business, Francisco Conde. The Xunta de Galicia Regional Minister went to Culleredo to see in person the work carried out during these seven years around the circular economy since practically all CETIM projects (90%) are focused on this sector. During the meeting, Xunta and CETIM also agreed to collaborate in the development of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia with which the Galician government opts for the European recovery funds since both institutions agree that the circular economy is one of the challenges in the that it is time to go deeper to promote solid and sustainable economic growth.


Another topic addressed in October’s quarterly CETIM newsletter is biocomposites research and the challenge of obtaining resins and coatings from 100% natural, renewable and commercially viable sources.


The protagonist of the interview for this four-month period is the CEO of Grupo Gestán, Luz Pardo Longueira, a company dedicated to comprehensive waste management that, together with CETIM, has opted for research in environmental innovation to provide an essential added value for its industrial activity.


In the “Lastest News” section, new projects such as ESENCE are addressed. CETIM technicians attended the ESENCE launch meeting in mid-September, the objective of which is to detect emerging and priority pollutants in WWTPs in situ, and develop the technology for their elimination.


In this same section there is also a review of four European projects financed by LIFE or H2020 calls. Specifically, LIFE PHOENIX, led by AQUALIA, will address the problem of wastewater reuse for irrigation; from LIFE PHOENIX, focused on the elimination of microplastics and regeneration of wastewater in agricultural uses; and the LIFE REFOREST and LIFE ULISES that have already begun the construction of their pilots. In the first case, the innovative system based on tubular sleeves of biodegradable material inoculated with fungi to mitigate erosion after a forest fire has already been installed in Oliveira de Frades (Portugal). In the second case, LIFE ULISES begins the construction of its pilot plants for their implantation in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of El Bobar (Almería) in order to convert the WWTPs into energy self-sufficient infrastructures with “waste 0”.


The H2020 REWAISE, led by FCC Aqualia, and with the participation of CETIM, is aligned with the new list of Critical Raw Materials as CETIM will deal with the recovery of lithium from brines through innovative electrochemical technologies.


Finally, in the “Events” section, mention is made of CETIM’s attendance at the webinar organized by BIOGA and the TIC Galicia Cluster for the presentation of the Call for the C-Voucher Project, aimed at supporting plans to implement the circular economy in the SMEs.


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