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During the next 2 years, CETIM will collaborate with Cromogenia investigating the obtaining of new biopolyols within the framework of the POLIAC project

 The project is funded by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) within the call for Research and Development Projects (RDP)

 The Basque technology center Tecnalia also collaborates in POLIAC

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Its objective is to produce organic and inorganic fertilizers for organic farming from mussel shells.


The Technological Centre will apply the know-how developed in the MEXICAL research financed by GAIN through the Conecta PEME grants.


Galicia is the second largest mussel producer in the world, so the development of new technologies to transform its waste opens up new business avenues for the canning industry.

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Immersed in the definition of the new Smart Specialisation Strategy of Galicia (RIS3) that will guide the priorities of Galician innovation in the 2021-2027 period, the Xunta de Galicia focuses all its efforts at this moment on contributing to the economic reactivation, been aware that a knowledge-based economy is a more resilient economy.

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LIFE ULISES is a European project for the demonstration of circular economy technologies in water.

CETIM has developed two plants, one for Enzymatic hydrolysis and the other for Struvite Precipitation, which will be tested in WWTP over the next few months.

The objective is to obtain regenerated water, struvite and a concentrated liquid stream rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, for use as fertilizers.

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On November 27th, the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) resolved the CDTI Missions programme, aimed at financing large strategic business R&D initiatives in key challenges for the future of Spain.


CETIM is the technical coordinator and main research centre of the innovative LiOn-HD project, which, led by Silicio FerroSolar, will investigate the use of strategic materials in high energy density lithium-ion batteries for sustainable electromobility.


The project is also supported by companies and organisations such as the PSA Group, the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI), the Galician Energy Institute (INEGA) and the Galician Agency for Innovation (GAIN).

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