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Norvento Enerxía is a Lugo-based company with four decades of experience in the renewable energy sector. Norvento develops and operates large renewable generation plants, designs and manufactures technology for energy generation and storage, and provides advanced energy solutions for self-consumption to industrial clients around the world. In its trajectory there have always been values based on research, technological development and innovation, as well as sustainability...

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BIOVINO, a cross-border project in which we have participated has obtained very successful results that contribute to a circular and more sustainable economy, aligned with the the European Green Pact strategy. [caption id="attachment_13814" align="aligncenter" width="545"] Samples used for the development of research at BIOVINO.[/caption] Climate change, global warming and raw materials scarcity are creating a perfect storm that is increasingly threatening our society. In order to tackle...

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The General Director of Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Climate Change visited our facilities yesterday to learn about the main R&D&I projects that we are developing in each of our study areas.   Yesterday we received the visit to our facilities of Sagrario Pérez, General Director of Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Climate Change of the Xunta de Galicia to study ways of collaboration for the development of initiatives...

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The initiative to recover high-value metals present in electric vehicles at the end of their useful life, is a primary project of Future: Fast Forward in the PERTE of Electric and Connected Vehicle (VEC) [caption id="attachment_13308" align="aligncenter" width="577"] RELOAD consortium members at the project launch meeting.[/caption] The RELOAD project began to take its first steps last December, with the launch meeting coordinated by CETIM Technological Centre and...

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UMI Volta, CETIM + Ferroglobe

Next Monday, November 28, Ferroglobe and CETIM Technological Center will organize in A Coruña, in the morning, the presentation event of the Volta Joint Research Unit (UMI, by its acronym in Spanish).

The UMI will work for the next 3 years to achieve technologically advanced electrochemical solutions, with high energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable based on silicon.

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Unidad Mixta de Investigación UMI AQUATIM - Aqualia + CETIM

AQUATIM Joint Research Unit is launched, which will seek to respond to great challenges and challenges to achieve a sustainable Future through the implementation of a circular, efficient, safe and resilient water cycle.

AQUATIM is made up of CETIM Technological Centre, an expert in research and development of new water treatment technologies, and AQUALIA group, a leading company in the water sector.

With a total duration of 39 months, the project foresees an investment of more than 2 million euros.

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Over the next three years, Aqualia, together with CETIM, will be the engine of the so-called Joint Research Unit AQUATIM, funded by the Galician Innovation Agency to foster cooperation between the research centres and enterprises that make up the business network based in Galicia. We spoke with Javier García Linares, director of the Aqualia’s Galician Delegation, about the strategic objectives of this project that seeks to recover resources such as nutrients or metals from the WWTP, as well as obtaining a fuel, green hydrogen.

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Avances proyecto de investigación KEOPS par

CETIM is researching the production of more sustainable cements and concretes from construction and demolition waste, as well as steel slag from electric arc furnaces, within the framework of the KEOPS project.

KEOPS offers the potential to close the circle within the construction sector, making its waste the raw material with which to manufacture cements and concretes.

The initiative, supported by CETIM, brings together five business agents from the entire value chain of the construction sector: ADEC Global, Cromogenia, Cementos Cruz, Extraco and Prefhorvisa.

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During this 4-year project, GIGAGREEN consortium will drive the next wave of electrode and cell component processing techniques of the 3b generation Li-ion cell manufacturing industry.

CETIM, as a technological partner, will develop a Digital Twin of the new battery manufacturing processes and, in addition, will participate in the development of a digital data platform.

GIGAGREEN is a Horizon Europe project recently granted by the European Commission and comprised by an international consortium of 16 partners.

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The ECLIPSE consortium, formed by ACTECO, PICVISA, REPSOL, CELLMAT TECHNOLOGIES, GRUPO COPO, SYNTHESIA, SEAT and TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS (leader), is researching new technological routes for recycling of complex plastics, to reduce the use of natural resources and the pollution generated by waste.

CETIM, as well as scientific coordinator of the project, are developing research for the advanced classification of complex plastics and proofs of concept of disruptive recycling technologies.

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